Thursday, April 27, 2006

The old theme park, April 25th 2006

Thanks to Erian to send this exploration she has made recently to a bigger Amusement Park wich the story tells it was closed an the end of the 80's with the dead of many children who suffered an accident in one of the mechanic games. She was very excited about this one, she phoned me and said that she found that this is a good therapy to make sadness going away :)

The place is risky, the plastic roofs are falling down and she had to bend almost to the floor to cross trough them. The main attactions of this park were the Time Tunnel and the Big Dinosaur. The tunnel is totally devastated inside, on the old good days of this park some educational programs were recorded in this attraction so kids could learn about the prehistoric times. Inside the tunnels all was like a tour on history from the prehistoric times through the future with many actors and actresses and good scenarios. We are searching for that old recordings so we can share them with you.

There are no pictures of the dinosaur inside, Erian told me that a big honeycomb is in the middle of the darkness of this big animal. She hopes I can go with her next time to experience that place because this are the last days of this lonely park since the property will be demolished :(