Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Gabriell's House Revisited, June 3rd 2006

Exploration made by Erian: This time Erian decided to bring us a dark and beautiful vision of the breathtaking Gabriell's House now in Black & White pictures and also as a surprise she wanted to share with you two little videos taken outside and inside the house by her. The camera moves a lot, she was not drunk, she broke her foot bones some days before this so she hardly could walk to take the video.

Some shots are too dark because she visited the house in two sessions: one by day and one by night.

It was a very exciting experience for her since she told us that suddenly a black cat appeared in front of her trying to make her feel scared. She was not scared at all and both became very good friends :). The cat now happy took Erian and made her follow him across the house like a guided tour.

The night shots are deleted from her camera since all the images were almost black (the camera flash was useless)... We will try to bring them back and for sure try to get something from them with some Photoshop help.

This is the first time we introduce videos of our explorations. It's something we promised ourselves since it could be more interesting making videos of revisited places that we liked a lot.

The Unfinished Building, June 3rd 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Exploration made by me: This time I decided to visit a very old place that promised to be another office or comercial building when its construction began 20 years ago. We still don´t know why suddenly the construction stopped completely. It remains as a silent witness among a quickly growing city wich architectonic designs are always being updated to satisfy the commercial demand of this sector.

When I entered I discovered that also the builing has 4 floors underground totally dark and full of humidity with some kind of toxic smell. A paking lot that goes underground and connects with the abandoned neighbor. I coudn´t go further in my way upstairs, I got frustrated when I saw that a family who setted there illegally in the 1st floor asked me to leave. I tried to negotiate a little time to take the pics but they were not friendly and I had to go out.