Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A visit to the Gabriell's house in the backcountry, April 30th 2006

Exploration made by Erian and me. This time we went to the backcountry where we tried to revisit the abandoned creepy house that Erian visited the last year when we suddenly found this one that is also very creepy and by what Erian tells this feels more dark inside that the other one.

I also had the same perception. The day was very hot (35°C aprox.), very dry and when we got inside we found the place very hostile, we noticed that it suffered vandalism.

The most creepy place was the kitchen where a big refrigerator was waiting for us in the entrance with the leyend "ABREME" (that means OPEN ME). We opened it and we only found an old spray can, maybe the same that the vandals used to write that leyend on the refrigerator's door and on some walls of the house.

Lots of trash in all the rooms and some clothes on the floor of the childrens room. Two birds suddenly flew away from two holes on the wall near the entrance of the black bathroom... We don´t know what exactly happened here but for sure it was not a happy end.