Sunday, November 06, 2011

The end of the Legendary 'Parnaso Library', November 2nd 2011

Yeah Im back exploring :) , really missed doing this after so many months of commitments. Not that I enjoy publishing sites in their decadence like this one that we love so much. One of our favourite libraries closing due to the Influenza outbreak in Mexico City, Land taxes raising and the global financial crisis :(

Its last books, CDs and DVDs covered with the dust, the place starting to get that abandoned atmosphere we know very well. Sad but capitalism acts with no mercy. Enjoy :)

Parnaso Library on its good days:

Old Cellular Phone Shop, April 18th 2005

Among the files I have I found this old exploration I made in 2005, yes the first ones I did :)

Last Erian Exploration, November 29th 2009

After the group formed by Erian, Baudelaire and me disbanded in 2007 Erian and me were just good friends after we broke up in 2006 and we kept exploring independently the next years as our responsibilities allowed us. As I told you in the recent posts she died in March 2011. The case is still not so clear and I will not give information about that yet. She called me at the end of 2010 very excited telling me that she was still exploring and that she wanted to give me some of the files of one of her recent explorations. She sent me this one that was her last one included 2 cute pics of her dog she wanted to show me in the picture package :)

Again she goes to the backcountry into one of those creepy big houses we have been posting here. She was always so excited about urbex but what excited her more was the time we entered the Gabriells House in the same area and she told me many times she kept entering those houses and even more the Gabriells House not only in the day but also in the midnight, it was for her a place for meditation and reflexion even the scariest blood marks.

This group of mansions were left by their habitants by so many reasons, many of the habitants were drug dealers and smugglers. She told me that in the case of Gabriells house the place is now surrounded by police and not accesible anymore. This kind of places never surprised us because in this country the goverment started a strong war against the drug cartels to benefit themselves and politicians in the US too.

The images are shaky and taken with a cellphone, she was pregnant while doing this shots and almost giving birth to a beautiful girl she had, I think the guy you see in one of the pictures is her husband. She was never worried so much for the quality of the images but for the adventure itself and the curiosity that drives us urban explorers to break into a place.

Im honestly not sure I can get her other recent urbex files and pictures. But if I can get them for sure you will see them here ;)

Deportivo Ferrocarrilero Pantaco June 9th 2007

Eploration made by Baudelaire and me. This was the last exploration we did as a group and we disbanded by so many reasons. The place was hard to access, specially the condos that were surrounded by the Federal Police, those were made for the train workers sindicate but it was built in a dangerous zone where the soil was not secure for those buildings. We could talk with some of them in a bar they have next to their abandoned sports club and sorry to say they were not smiley and friendly with us :( . Anyway I want to share with you this old exploration :)

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Peña de Lobos September 6th 2006

As I told you guys in the past post we are celebrating our 6 years exploring the Abandoned Mexico City and surroundings, we are taking out all our old files to share them with you.

This time my good friend Baudelaire and me went to Peña de Lobos, a camping place at the North of Mexico City where you can have a very relaxing time. And we found this beautiful lonely and abandoned place that now many years later we took out from our files to share with you :D

Cine Opera 18 June 2006

We are back into the Urbex world, glad to celebrate our 6 years as the First Urban Exploration Group in Mexico :)

Unfortunately the group disbanded in 2007 by many reasons including work, family, friends etc. Sad to announce too that one of our members Erian died this year just in her with 25 years. She was an awesome person and an awesome friend and she made almost all the Urban Explorations we are sharing with you in this website of the project.

I am still in charge of the project and in this days I will be posting many explorations we had in our old files including recent ones I did and the last exploration Erian did.

We are glad to see many new urbex groups emerging in Mexico and we enjoy watching them visiting many of the places we were in the past. The exploration we did in Cine Opera in 2006 was one of our most important ones and we are proud to publish it since as you can see we found the place intact and sealed since 1998 when it was closed in the Bauhaus Concert in Mexico City. We could break there for the first time and found it was starting its decay.

If you browse websites with newer pictures of this place you will find it has been suffering now a lot the vandalism and for sure we will loose this beautiful place if the situation keeps that way. :(

Im planning to go soon again to take new pictures.