Monday, September 11, 2006

Old German Restaurant unpublished pics, July 2nd 2006

When we went to the old german restaurant on July 2nd 2006 we were carrying with us two cameras, the first set published in this site was the set from Baudelaire's camera, now we are publishing the photo set taken by me the same day. There are some other sets from other explorations that we will be uploading as soon as our formal activities can let us complete this task :(. Enjoy the tour to the big creepy german restaurant :)

La Mansion Restaurant ReVisited September 10th 2006

Sadly we came back to see if we could enter to our favourite place, the big La Mansion Restaurant, the one we visited some months ago and found as a place falling in pieces with the roofs broken.

By our surprise all the place has now glass covering the windows and its being reconstructed, if you compare with the past pictures now inside its clean by what our camera could catch trough the windows. And on the back place of the Restaurant lots of metal food containers are being stored now on the main area near the gardens. We think that maybe we can get back but unfortunately the place will be now filled with "beautiful" decoration and noisy people :(