Sunday, October 22, 2006

October 22th 2006, Bomb in Lomas Verdes

Not properly an Urban Exploration, I just wanted to document how in 2006 the start of the present administration in our Gov. tried to create their 'mini mexican 9/11' to justify among so many terrorist actions they are still doing the war that we have been suffering this 6 years in Mexico. Only person was injured but after this incident we started getting so many more in all the cities in the country just to mention the killing in the Casino Royale in Monterrey and the Shootings in Tamaulipas Football Soccer stadium among so many others.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

October 21th 2006, Restaurant "Doña Lencha".

Exploration made by me: This time I wanted to enter to this place that is abandoned since many years ago, almost 10. A little boring in some spaces where theres nothing, just some curious drawings on the top windows, and some Mexican Revolution kind of decorations in the first floor.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Old German Restaurant unpublished pics, July 2nd 2006

When we went to the old german restaurant on July 2nd 2006 we were carrying with us two cameras, the first set published in this site was the set from Baudelaire's camera, now we are publishing the photo set taken by me the same day. There are some other sets from other explorations that we will be uploading as soon as our formal activities can let us complete this task :(. Enjoy the tour to the big creepy german restaurant :)

La Mansion Restaurant ReVisited September 10th 2006

Sadly we came back to see if we could enter to our favourite place, the big La Mansion Restaurant, the one we visited some months ago and found as a place falling in pieces with the roofs broken.

By our surprise all the place has now glass covering the windows and its being reconstructed, if you compare with the past pictures now inside its clean by what our camera could catch trough the windows. And on the back place of the Restaurant lots of metal food containers are being stored now on the main area near the gardens. We think that maybe we can get back but unfortunately the place will be now filled with "beautiful" decoration and noisy people :(

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Hotel Reforma, July 9th 2006

Exploration made by Erian and me. In our way of explorations we are reaching the most old and historic part of Mexico City were lots of buildings still exist, some of them will be demolished and some others like this one will be re-opened with some modifications and new architecture.

The Hotel Reforma was closed in 1985 after the earthquake that destroyed almost all the city. This is the first building of the famous mexican architect Mario Pani. We will try to reach more information about this place, specially pictures when it was active as the old classic Hotel.

By our disapointment we discovered that it changed a lot inside with new structural reinforcements and all the old furniture disappeared... we could only get the picture of one red leather couch that was part of the original furniture.

Anyway... enjoy the tour!

Before the Earthquake in Mexico City in 1985

Now in 2006... works almost finished to be re-opened

*November 5th 2011 UPDATE: Actually Hotel Reforma is still closed it just opened a little Argentinian Restaurant called '10' in one of its corners. Erian was so excited to come back to the Hotel when it was reopened, in the last phone calls I had with her before she died I told her about the new Restaurant and she wanted to visit it too. R.I.P. Erian :(

Erian Camera:

my Camera:

Autofinanciamiento, July 9th 2006

Exploration made by my gf in those days Erian ;) and me. This time we could have the chance to enter to this place that we coudn´t explore days before. It was an Auto boutique named something like 'Autofinanciamiento', new and used cars for sale and credit plans for their customers was the business here.

The most interesting part was what we found on the room of the person that was taking care of the place 24hrs... lots of pills and drugs... an earring hanging from the ear of a girl picture and a very bad smell.

The place is damaged by vandals and I think that soon it will be demolished or used for a new commercial purpose.

Old German Restaurant, July 2nd 2006

Exploration made by Baudelaire and me. Thanks to Baudelaire who knew about this place and invited me to visit it. It has a huge of story, this building stands in this corner since the earlier 40's in a beautiful Art Deco style that now is very damaged, full of humidity and broken walls, roofs and floors. On the first floor stands a huge abandoned store that has also many years closed. In the glorious days this was the place were the first microfilms were processed in Mexico City for the newspapers. Now an old piano stands inside as a silent witness of the corrosion and decay of the structure.

On the next floors some of the apartments are pretty kept almost intact and some others are totally destroyed. Some famous artists were living here like the mexican singer Jorge Negrete and some writers and film producers who also took this place as location for their films in the mexican cinema golden years (40's - 50's).

Further investigation on the Internet of this place tells that the last time it was opened it was used as a classic mexican bar owned by a spanish family (after it was used for many years as a German Restaurant), where some politicians and writers enjoyed taking a break in this place or using it as an informal meeting place where they were drinking beer and watching the local football games on weekends.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Gabriell's House Revisited, June 3rd 2006

Exploration made by Erian: This time Erian decided to bring us a dark and beautiful vision of the breathtaking Gabriell's House now in Black & White pictures and also as a surprise she wanted to share with you two little videos taken outside and inside the house by her. The camera moves a lot, she was not drunk, she broke her foot bones some days before this so she hardly could walk to take the video.

Some shots are too dark because she visited the house in two sessions: one by day and one by night.

It was a very exciting experience for her since she told us that suddenly a black cat appeared in front of her trying to make her feel scared. She was not scared at all and both became very good friends :). The cat now happy took Erian and made her follow him across the house like a guided tour.

The night shots are deleted from her camera since all the images were almost black (the camera flash was useless)... We will try to bring them back and for sure try to get something from them with some Photoshop help.

This is the first time we introduce videos of our explorations. It's something we promised ourselves since it could be more interesting making videos of revisited places that we liked a lot.

The Unfinished Building, June 3rd 2006

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Exploration made by me: This time I decided to visit a very old place that promised to be another office or comercial building when its construction began 20 years ago. We still don´t know why suddenly the construction stopped completely. It remains as a silent witness among a quickly growing city wich architectonic designs are always being updated to satisfy the commercial demand of this sector.

When I entered I discovered that also the builing has 4 floors underground totally dark and full of humidity with some kind of toxic smell. A paking lot that goes underground and connects with the abandoned neighbor. I coudn´t go further in my way upstairs, I got frustrated when I saw that a family who setted there illegally in the 1st floor asked me to leave. I tried to negotiate a little time to take the pics but they were not friendly and I had to go out.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A visit to the Gabriell's house in the backcountry, April 30th 2006

Exploration made by Erian and me. This time we went to the backcountry where we tried to revisit the abandoned creepy house that Erian visited the last year when we suddenly found this one that is also very creepy and by what Erian tells this feels more dark inside that the other one.

I also had the same perception. The day was very hot (35°C aprox.), very dry and when we got inside we found the place very hostile, we noticed that it suffered vandalism.

The most creepy place was the kitchen where a big refrigerator was waiting for us in the entrance with the leyend "ABREME" (that means OPEN ME). We opened it and we only found an old spray can, maybe the same that the vandals used to write that leyend on the refrigerator's door and on some walls of the house.

Lots of trash in all the rooms and some clothes on the floor of the childrens room. Two birds suddenly flew away from two holes on the wall near the entrance of the black bathroom... We don´t know what exactly happened here but for sure it was not a happy end.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The old theme park, April 25th 2006

Thanks to Erian to send this exploration she has made recently to a bigger Amusement Park wich the story tells it was closed an the end of the 80's with the dead of many children who suffered an accident in one of the mechanic games. She was very excited about this one, she phoned me and said that she found that this is a good therapy to make sadness going away :)

The place is risky, the plastic roofs are falling down and she had to bend almost to the floor to cross trough them. The main attactions of this park were the Time Tunnel and the Big Dinosaur. The tunnel is totally devastated inside, on the old good days of this park some educational programs were recorded in this attraction so kids could learn about the prehistoric times. Inside the tunnels all was like a tour on history from the prehistoric times through the future with many actors and actresses and good scenarios. We are searching for that old recordings so we can share them with you.

There are no pictures of the dinosaur inside, Erian told me that a big honeycomb is in the middle of the darkness of this big animal. She hopes I can go with her next time to experience that place because this are the last days of this lonely park since the property will be demolished :(

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Into the basement of the big Commercial Plaza, August 8th, 2005

Thanks to Baudelaire to share his own pics of his first Urban Exploration to this place that is really big, cold and has a lot of humidity. This was his first Urban Exploration before he joined us in UEM. I sincerelly think that it looks like he has already done some other explorations before this one. :)

He tells that lots of water flights came trough the walls and the water pools on the floor have a dense layer of dust wich vanish when someone put their feet over them.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Into the LAB-irynth... April 21th 2006

Exploration made by Erian, Baudelaire and me. Tonight we made what we can consider our most difficult and exciting exploration to an abandoned labs in the middle of nothing near a highway. The place is really huge and creepy, we entered with no many problems in the front side of the building and crossed from the main floor trough the kitchen to a backyard where another small rooms separated from the house were waiting for us and where we pressume the main labs were working in their past days.

We knew and were concious that this one will make us learn lots of things based in errors and mistakes we could make there. First of all we found it more difficult since we couldn´t see nothing inside and we doesn't wanted to make too much light with our lamps and camera flashes. So we had to walk with more care that other places where the sunlight gave us more security in our steps. I almost felt down in one of the labs, the floor was covered with a small layer of sand and it made the floor slippery in some areas.

Suddenly after we crossed the kitchen and discovered the water well at the left side of the backyard a deep noise of steps were listening more louder on the right side. We got paralyzed for a moment and then we kept listening to that noise that even more sounded as a continous loop of steps that suddenly increased and decreased their volume. Baudelaire went to see what it was and he discovered that the noise came from a small water flight coming through the dark back walls of this place surrounded by some sort of plants and growed grass.

Then we came to the labs and began taking pictures when the worst part of this night came... Suddenly some car lights from the distance were reflecting on the walls of this place... they were cops! :(, we went outside the labs and from the backyard we could see them getting closer to the car that we parked near the highway (at some hundred meters from the house).

We ran outside following the same path we used to enter, crossing the main floor of the house and the front garden to the fence and then we waited for a little time sitting below a small yard... a big truck was changing its way in a U movement over the highway throwing too much light to the building making lots of noise.

When the truck left we ran to the car where the cops were calling a tow truck. They asked what we were doing there and we said that we were searching for someone to help us with a mechanic failure of the car. They first didn´t beleive us... they asked Baudelaire to start the car... He made a trick to make them think the car was having a failure. Again they didn´t beleive us first and then they decided better to take us to the MP. (kind of police station).

We spent some hours there and talked with the judges of that place, they saw that we where not doing anything bad and they let us go without any charges :).

Im sorry to say that we only could get this pics and we feel frustrated by not having the change to go upstairs and see what was there waiting for us. We hope we can come back and make our revenge into the Labs! ;)

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The glamorous restaurant now falling in pieces, April 9th 2006

This is the best place we have visited. Explorarion made by Erian, Baudelaire and me from UEM.
Image hosting by Photobucket
The Restaurant as we found it.
Image hosting by Photobucket
The good old days.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

The old milk farm, December 15th 2005

This exploration was made by Erian from UEM on December 15th 2005 in a very old and abbandoned side of a 1800's milk farm that actually still produce milk on the non-abandoned side for the most important milk labels in Mexico.

The creepy house in the backcountry, December 26th 2005

This exploration was made by Erian from UEM (Urban Exploration Mexico) on December 2005 in the middle of a beautiful backcountry. The house is really creepy and its supposed that something like a corpse is drown in the pool. Neighbors tell that a whole family died assasined and then burned inside the house as seem on some shots of burned places in the house like the main room and its bathroom. In other rooms she found burned mattresses and drawings of strange faces over the burned walls. In one of the rooms a door closed behind her and she tells that the door got stucked leaving her trapped in one of those creepy rooms. Finally she could get out from there and took some more shots of the house. A drawing of a row in a wall behind a hole is telling something... an entrance to nobody knows what. Many things inside the house and around make us a must to get back and bring new shots and maybe a video of the place.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

The abandoned 5th floor of a decadent Hospital, March 25th 2006

This exploration was made by me on March 25th 2006. The 5th and 4th floor of a huge hospital in Mexico City.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The old art deco building, November 5th 2005

Exploration made by me on November 5th 2005.

The house near the lake, March 4th 2006

This was the fist exploration Erian and me did together on March 4th 2006. This creepy cabin is near a dirty lake. We went there on the last sun hours that day and went inside the house without problems. The most bizarre thing we found was the roof and upper side of the walls intact. We have no references about the place (still looking for them). When we went outside to the shore of the lake when we were caught by the police. They talked with us telling that they received a call from the neighbors about suspects around. All was fine and they let us go.