Saturday, November 05, 2011

Cine Opera 18 June 2006

We are back into the Urbex world, glad to celebrate our 6 years as the First Urban Exploration Group in Mexico :)

Unfortunately the group disbanded in 2007 by many reasons including work, family, friends etc. Sad to announce too that one of our members Erian died this year just in her with 25 years. She was an awesome person and an awesome friend and she made almost all the Urban Explorations we are sharing with you in this website of the project.

I am still in charge of the project and in this days I will be posting many explorations we had in our old files including recent ones I did and the last exploration Erian did.

We are glad to see many new urbex groups emerging in Mexico and we enjoy watching them visiting many of the places we were in the past. The exploration we did in Cine Opera in 2006 was one of our most important ones and we are proud to publish it since as you can see we found the place intact and sealed since 1998 when it was closed in the Bauhaus Concert in Mexico City. We could break there for the first time and found it was starting its decay.

If you browse websites with newer pictures of this place you will find it has been suffering now a lot the vandalism and for sure we will loose this beautiful place if the situation keeps that way. :(

Im planning to go soon again to take new pictures.