Friday, April 21, 2006

Into the LAB-irynth... April 21th 2006

Exploration made by Erian, Baudelaire and me. Tonight we made what we can consider our most difficult and exciting exploration to an abandoned labs in the middle of nothing near a highway. The place is really huge and creepy, we entered with no many problems in the front side of the building and crossed from the main floor trough the kitchen to a backyard where another small rooms separated from the house were waiting for us and where we pressume the main labs were working in their past days.

We knew and were concious that this one will make us learn lots of things based in errors and mistakes we could make there. First of all we found it more difficult since we couldn´t see nothing inside and we doesn't wanted to make too much light with our lamps and camera flashes. So we had to walk with more care that other places where the sunlight gave us more security in our steps. I almost felt down in one of the labs, the floor was covered with a small layer of sand and it made the floor slippery in some areas.

Suddenly after we crossed the kitchen and discovered the water well at the left side of the backyard a deep noise of steps were listening more louder on the right side. We got paralyzed for a moment and then we kept listening to that noise that even more sounded as a continous loop of steps that suddenly increased and decreased their volume. Baudelaire went to see what it was and he discovered that the noise came from a small water flight coming through the dark back walls of this place surrounded by some sort of plants and growed grass.

Then we came to the labs and began taking pictures when the worst part of this night came... Suddenly some car lights from the distance were reflecting on the walls of this place... they were cops! :(, we went outside the labs and from the backyard we could see them getting closer to the car that we parked near the highway (at some hundred meters from the house).

We ran outside following the same path we used to enter, crossing the main floor of the house and the front garden to the fence and then we waited for a little time sitting below a small yard... a big truck was changing its way in a U movement over the highway throwing too much light to the building making lots of noise.

When the truck left we ran to the car where the cops were calling a tow truck. They asked what we were doing there and we said that we were searching for someone to help us with a mechanic failure of the car. They first didn´t beleive us... they asked Baudelaire to start the car... He made a trick to make them think the car was having a failure. Again they didn´t beleive us first and then they decided better to take us to the MP. (kind of police station).

We spent some hours there and talked with the judges of that place, they saw that we where not doing anything bad and they let us go without any charges :).

Im sorry to say that we only could get this pics and we feel frustrated by not having the change to go upstairs and see what was there waiting for us. We hope we can come back and make our revenge into the Labs! ;)