Saturday, April 08, 2006

The creepy house in the backcountry, December 26th 2005

This exploration was made by Erian from UEM (Urban Exploration Mexico) on December 2005 in the middle of a beautiful backcountry. The house is really creepy and its supposed that something like a corpse is drown in the pool. Neighbors tell that a whole family died assasined and then burned inside the house as seem on some shots of burned places in the house like the main room and its bathroom. In other rooms she found burned mattresses and drawings of strange faces over the burned walls. In one of the rooms a door closed behind her and she tells that the door got stucked leaving her trapped in one of those creepy rooms. Finally she could get out from there and took some more shots of the house. A drawing of a row in a wall behind a hole is telling something... an entrance to nobody knows what. Many things inside the house and around make us a must to get back and bring new shots and maybe a video of the place.