Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Old German Restaurant, July 2nd 2006

Exploration made by Baudelaire and me. Thanks to Baudelaire who knew about this place and invited me to visit it. It has a huge of story, this building stands in this corner since the earlier 40's in a beautiful Art Deco style that now is very damaged, full of humidity and broken walls, roofs and floors. On the first floor stands a huge abandoned store that has also many years closed. In the glorious days this was the place were the first microfilms were processed in Mexico City for the newspapers. Now an old piano stands inside as a silent witness of the corrosion and decay of the structure.

On the next floors some of the apartments are pretty kept almost intact and some others are totally destroyed. Some famous artists were living here like the mexican singer Jorge Negrete and some writers and film producers who also took this place as location for their films in the mexican cinema golden years (40's - 50's).

Further investigation on the Internet of this place tells that the last time it was opened it was used as a classic mexican bar owned by a spanish family (after it was used for many years as a German Restaurant), where some politicians and writers enjoyed taking a break in this place or using it as an informal meeting place where they were drinking beer and watching the local football games on weekends.